What can I expect from a Reiki healing session?

Reiki is a gentle, yet very powerful form of energy work. During a session, you are fully clothed and receive the healing while laying down in a relaxed state. The Practitioner uses a hands-on technique where she will place her hands on designated areas on the client's head, shoulders, stomach, back, and feet in order to move energy throughout the body. The session will end with a brief check in and the healing benefits can continue working in the client's body for several days after the session.


What is Aura Clearing?

Aura clearing is a powerful healing technique that is also known as extraction in Shamanism. This technique assists the client in removing an energetic block that has been holding them back. If there is something that the client wants to let go of, aura clearing will facilitate this. By letting go of what no longer serves your highest and best good, you can invite in healing energy to fill that newly cleared space. Aura clearing is offered as an addition to any Reiki session. 



What is Chakra Balancing?

Our bodies are very sensitive to our environment and stressful situations. Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies. When balanced, they spin in a clockwise direction; when out of balance, they can move erratically and spin in a counter-clockwise direction. When a chakra is out of balance, this indicates that healing is needed. One example of this could be that your muladahara root chakra is out of balance. The root chakra governs your sense of safety and security. If this chakra is inbalanced, you may be experiencing anxiety and fear. If a chakra remains out of balance for a long period of time, it can begin to manifest itself as physical ailments within your body. Tara offers chakra balancing as an add on to any Reiki session.


How does a distance Reiki session work?

Sacred Self offers distance Reiki sessions for those clients that are out of the San Diego area or who find it difficult to come in for a healing session. The benefits of distant healing work are just as powerful as those done in person. The session will be done over the phone and all that is asked of the client is that they create a relaxing environment for themselves free of distractions for the healing work to take place. 


In-home energy clearing

Tara offers private clearings of your home or office-space. Every few months, it is imperative that one's physical space they spend the most time in be energetically cleared. If you are moving into a new home, starting a new business, or just feel like your space is filled with stagnant energy, Tara will come in and clear out the stale energy and invite in energy that resonates at a higher vibration.